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We are a local, independent, and owner-operated shop that is committed to providing the dogs and cats in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio with the best possible foods, supplements, and gear available.  We are continuously striving to learn more about our pets’ health and nutrition and we only provide products that we have feverishly researched and trust. We know that feeding your pet the best food out there may not be the easiest option nor the cheapest, but we are here to present you with the most up-to-date information and the best products so that you can rest assured that you are doing your best for your pet.

Also, we're a little different...Our small shop is not your typical pet food store.  We don't carry unnecessary pet supplies like a lot of other shops do.  We do not saturate our little space with products that we don't believe in and feel are unnecessary.  Our goal is to have a place full of positive vibes that you and your pet feel comfortable in, even if that means just stoping in to say hi and grabbing a treat on your walk! 


From the beginning, our mission was to educate pet owners on natural, raw and fresh food diets for their dogs and cats. Our ultimate goal is to help build a healthier, more educated, and united community here in Columbus, Ohio, starting with our fanged and furred companions. They are the heart of this operation and they deserve the very best and that is what we aim to provide.


This love story started just North of Seattle in the back of a horse trailer surrounded by Australian shepherd puppies. I could not resist and took one home. I knew that day that I would do whatever it took to make the best life for my new friend. I wasn’t more than 2 weeks into my life with him before I had already failed him.  He needed to be rushed into an emergency vet clinic at 3am because he was nearly lifeless. I came to find out rather quickly, through talking with the vet at that clinic that the “all natural and wholesome” chicken jerky treats I had purchased for Mozzie a week earlier were actually none of those things. In fact, they were contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in plastic and resins and they almost killed my dog. To compound the issue, Mozzie was also having a hard time digesting his kibble. I started researching day and night what these companies were actually putting into these "Natural" foods and treats for pets and how they were producing it. What was (and still is) happening in the pet food industry haunted me then and still haunts me to this day. Fortunately, a good friend told me about a raw food option for dogs and cats. A species appropriate diet for pets. I’ll never forget what she said to me. She asked “would you feed an alligator a wheat cracker or meat?” In which I responded the obvious answer of “meat.” She then responded, “then why on earth would feed your dog kibble?!?!” This is where my journey into species appropriate diets for dogs and cats began and there’s been no looking back.

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We love all of our customers from Columbus areas near us - including Dublin, WestervilleGahanna, BexleyReynoldsburg, Grandview HeightsUpper ArlingtonHilliardWorthingtonClintonville and more! 

Come visit our pet supply store in Columbus, OH specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.